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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Advantages of sub netting

Here are few advantage that can gain because of using the sub netting with TCP/IP

Simplify routing process.


The routing process becomes much simplified by using subnets. Because the routers do not have to fully identify each individual address from a network and route them. It can simply identify a given network using the Subnet address and route.


Routing tables become much shorter


Subnet hides the internal networks numbers by just giving out the main number to the routers. The routing tables become much shorter by using the Subnet addresses and this means that the data flow also becomes faster.


Reduce the network congestion


With the help of sub netting we can reduce the network congestion. Because all computer broadcast for transmission. So we break huge network into small network and now broadcasting will be done only small network. 


Keep the size of the routing tables on the Internet down

It keeps the size of the routing tables on the Internet down because Internet routers only need to know the one common network address for all the individual computers and devices on the different subnets.


Save money


With the help of sub netting we can save money. Because we buy an single IP address from ISP



Centralized IP address system


By using Subnet addresses the entire IP address system becomes centralized. So network administrators can assign IP numbers to specific departments in an organization. This will lead as a reason for easy identification of departments on the network using the same numbers.

Easy to handle

Subnet also divides the bigger network into smaller individual networks and it becomes easy to handle the smaller networks than handle one huge network.


Removes physical barriers

it removes physical barriers and since the networks now are individually identified all the networks can be connected through routers.


Improved security and simplified administration

Advantage of sub netting include improved security by restricting unauthorized traffic behind routers and simplified administration by delegating control of subnets to other departments or administrators.

Ability to organize your resources within a network.

e.g. 192.168.130.x network backbone
192.168.131.x marketing department
192.168.132.x sales

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