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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Contents of a project plan

There are number of contents that we can identify in a project plan. We can present these contents more detail as follows,


  1. Introduction.


Introductions can be simply defining as the basic or elementary instructional text    .In the very beginning of the project plan, introduction part will be carryout. This will use to represent the overall ideas of the total system. When we divided the introduction part further we can define project overview, project deliverables, evaluation of SPMP, reference materials including definitions and acronyms.


  1. Project Overview.


This section of the project plan, it provides an overview of the purpose, scope and objectives of the project. So this is a kind of summary of the system including methods by which satisfaction of the objectives will be determined. This provide essential information identify and describe the business or system needs to be satisfied by the project while describing how project will be integrated with other projects or ongoing work processes.

Also is includes an objective section targets for the projects performance, profitability, quality and other goals as well as activities of the project


    1.2 Project Deliverables.

In project deliverables section it defines what are the task that are link for achieving goals of the project. Expected deliverables will be more representatively represent by using deliverable data, deliverable location & quantity.

  1. Evolution of the SPMP (Software project management plan)


This section specify the plans for producing both scheduled and unscheduled updates as well as how the updates to this plan shall be disseminated. Also this will include how changes of the project plan will be controlled and the initial version of the plan will be managed.

  1. Reference Materials.

In this section     this will include the referenced sources of information descriptively regarding the project So these reference descriptively represented by using document by title, report number, date, author and publishing organization.


  1. Definitions and Acronyms.


In definitions and acronyms section this will include the definition of all terms and acronyms required to properly understand the project plan.

  1. Project Organization.     


This is the section refers to the process model for the project and its organizational structure. So in this section will it will describe the project process model. This includes the idea about how the project activities and supporting processes will be carryout. In the same time this includes organization structure as well as the responsibilities in each role of the project.

        2.1 Process Model.


This define the relationships among major project work activities and supporting processes. As well as, the flow of information and work products among activities and functions. Here we can use both graphical and textual notations to describe the project process model.


2.2 Internal Structure


Here the project plan describes the internal structure of the organization. So this will include organization chart. Also this will depict the lines of activities as well as responsibilities within the project



Here, the project plan describe the organizational boundaries between the project and external entities as well as this describe the communication among them



Here this represents the major roles of the project team and their responsibilities by identifying and state the nature of each major work activity and supporting process.


In the project plan, in this section it will represent the management process for this project specifying the project management processes for the project.


Here we describe objectives of the management in the same time it include the priorities of the project too. Also methods, tools, and techniques to be used in collecting and retaining project metrics are indicate in this section will be describe.



Here it bring out the idea about the assumptions on which the project is based.



In this subsection, it identifying, analyzing, and prioritizing project risk factors. Further it will brings out about the applicable impact of any of the risk factors describing the procedure to be used for managing risks in the project. This will include who will be responsible for risk management.



Here it will describe the monitoring and controlling mechanism that will be carry throughout the whole project



In this subsection of the project plan we indicate the number of required staff. So this specify the sources of staff personnel


In the project plan under technical process section it specifies the technical methods, tools, and techniques to be used on the project. In the same time this will include identification of the work products and reviews to be held and the plans for the support group activities in user documentation, training, software quality assurance as well as configuration management.


Here we describe about the development methodologies, programming languages and other notations as well as the processes, tools and techniques that are used throughout the project.


4.2 Software Documentation.


In this section number of documents will produces as follows,


4.2.1. Software Requirements Specification (SRS).

4.2.2. Software Design Description (SDD).

4.2.3. Software Test Plan.

4.2.4. User Documentation.


4.3 Project Support Functions.


This will indicate how the configuration management process will be carryout including verification and validation process.




Here it describe about the work breakdown structure by defining the activities related to the project defining its dependencies. Also resources that are required and the cost estimations will be bringing together in this section.

5.1Work Breakdown Structure

Thorough a work breakdown structure it represent the activities that are needed to carry throughout a project as well as it depict the relationships among these work activities.

5.2 Dependencies


This will include the dependencies of the activities in the project.



In the section it will schedule relationships among the project work activities in a manner including time-sequencing constraints. Also this will include the milestones of the project and the critical path in the schedule.


5.4 Resource Requirements.


In this subsection it will define the appropriate resource requirements of the project and how these requirements will be handle.

Here it will define the estimated cost in the project. So it will calculate the required project budget based on cost estimates for project activities while concerning about the resources that are allocated.


This section reference any additional plans required to satisfy product requirements and contractual terms. This can include index and appendix


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