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Friday, July 20, 2012

Trace Route

Traceroute also a network diagnostic tool found on most operating systems.The traceroute command can be used to draw up a map of the routers found between a source machine and a target machine. So here in this diagnostic tool output describes the names and IP addresses of the chain of routers, each preceded by a sequential number and minimum, average, and maximum response time. That's why we can say that Trace Route is a route tracing utility that is used to determine the path that an IP datagram takes to reach a destination. Here in tracert command, it uses the IP Time to Live (TTL) field and ICMP error messages to determine the route from one host to another through a network.

How to use Tracerouter

  1. Help to determine network related issues or slowdowns
  2. Can use to view a listing of how a network packet travels through the network and where it may fail or slow down. So it is easy to determine the computer, router, switch or other network device possibly causing network issues.
  3. Route can aids to diagnose whether it is a local problem, internet service provider (ISP) or a wider issue and can use to determine how long each 'hop' from router to router takes

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