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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Project manager related responsibilities

Project manager nominated to lead a project. In the same time he or she will be expected to be fully accountable for meeting its objectives.

  • Able to lead his or her team and bring out the best in them.


As the project manager he or she needs to lead the team. Not only that he or she needs to identify each team member uniquely specially including their skills and knowledge. Identifying their skills and knowledge isn't enough to produce a successful implementation project manager needs to know to use these skills and knowledge though out the project.


Ex: Guess there is a person in the team who is specialized in web designing we can assigned that person to handle the designing process of Online hotel management system


  • Motivating the team


Motivation is the activation or energization of goal orientated behavior. So this is the inner power or energy that pushes toward acting, performing actions and achieving. There are different ways to motivate the member of the team. As the project manager, his or her responsibility is to motivate their team member by identifying their requirements. When team members are motivate they use their fullest effect in best to carry out the project.


Ex: During the Online hotel management system implementation to motivate the team we can use technique such as treat the team to a pizza lunch or take everyone to the movies etc.


  • Deliver the performance with better success rates.


Performance simple we can explain as an act of performing or an action that undertaking of a duty. As the project manager he or she needs to deliver his or her duties or related projects outputs in a successful way.


Ex: As the project manager we can implement, manage and deliver the total Online hotel management system to meets it deadline as well as requirements of the client.


  • Ensures project documents are complete, current, and stored appropriately


As the project manager he or she needs to make sure whether the related documents are completed as well as those documents are correctly stored in appropriate locations.


Ex: The related documents to the online hotel management system project can be stored for the future use while verifying its completeness.



  • In case of emergency, Project manager should be able to solve problems for his or hers team members.


In any case of emergency as the project manager he or she needs to be able to solve the related problems for his or her team and giving his or her fullest co-operation to caring on work.


Ex: Guess during the developing stage of the Online hotel management system they needs more resource because of a time frame work deadlines. Project manager needs to be able to handle this situation.


  • Perform and give with truth and honesty


As the project manager it is his her responsibility to give the truth and honestly to their team members. So the member will automatically starting to believing him or her and begin to play more moderately in the e project.


Ex: As the project manager we can give the exact details about the customer requirements and also during the development stage of the Online hotel management system we can give honest details about the current situation of the project and requirements that helpful to focus in the requirement implementation area


  • Developing and maintaining cordial relationships with clients and team members


Project manager is responsible for maintain a good relationship with client and team members. Throughout the project clients ideas are really important to carry out a successful project as well as the ideas of the team members can be combine together for successful implementation of the project.


Ex: When handling a project as the project manager he or she needs to maintain the relationship with the clients and the team members. So do this we can always keep the contact with the client and get their ideas for the implementation. As well as allowing team members to evaluate these ideas.

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