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Monday, July 23, 2012

Bottom-up database design approach:

When we go through the different approaches available to design a database, we can identify bottom-up database design approach as the other main approach available for database design. In bottom-up database design first defines the required attributes and then groups the attributes to form entities.

So this diagram represent the bottom-up approach database design approach starts at the fundamental level of attributes(or abreactions) that is properties of entities and relationships. Then after we can see that it combines or add to these abreactions which are grouped into relations that represent types of entities and relationship between entities.


We can identify the normalization process as an example for bottom up approach to database design. Here in this process of generalizing entity types into higher-level generalized supper classes is amount example of bottom-up approach. We can further describe by taking a table, we can use the normalization steps to split the one table up to multiple tables


When we go through the data model we can identify different types of advantages. We can summarized the main advantages of this as follows,

  • Prevent anomalies.
  • reduce the redundancies
  • Ensure the integrity

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