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Monday, July 23, 2012

The documentations produced for each stage of the database development life cycle

When we go through the detail study of the database development life cycle we can identify that throughout the database system development lifecycle the database developer needs to capture facts about the current and or future system.


So we can see that to full this requirement number of documentations are produced for each stage during the database development life cycle. We can summarize the documentations that are implement during each pages as follows,




  • Initial database study
  • Mission statements and objectives of database system
  • Definition of scope and boundry of database application
  • Definition of user views to be supported
  • User and system requiremets specification
  • Database design
  • Conceptual/logical database design
  • ER model(s)
  • Data dictionary
  • Relational schema,
  • Physical database design
  • Implementation and data model
  • DBMS evaluation and recommendations
  • Testing and evaluation
  • Testing strategies used, anlysis of test results
  • Operation
  • User manual
  • Maintenance and monitoring
  • Analysis of performance results
  • Modified user's requirements and systems specifications


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