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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Before Configuring IIS

Before configuring IIS, There are some points that need to consider. By go through this points it allows for an enjoy a smoother configuration process. So it is better to go through these points before beginning IIS configuration.

Check whether configure internet connection Firewall for IIS

Normally by default internet connection Firewall is disabled. But if Firewall is enabled it is really important to configure Internet Connection Firewall to allow clients to initiate Web and other IIS related connections to the server.

Remote Administration

If installing IIS on one server and configuring and administering that IIS installation from a different computer, It is a must to configure Remote Administration on the server running IIS.

Permissions and Access Control


If configuring IIS that will be relying on other servers or network components. It is always better to make sure that the other servers or network components have been configured to allow access to the IIS server. In the same time make sure that have the appropriate authentication information on hand before begin configuring IIS. 

IP Address and Domain Name Registration

If configuring IIS on a server connected directly to the Internet that isn't within a corporate network or behind a router, It is a must to hand the IP address and domain name of each site that will create in this IIS configuration.



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