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Monday, July 23, 2012

Why transferable skills must matched to the target audience?

Audience simply can define as the listeners at a performance. In the other hand presentation can define as an activity of formally presenting something. Presentations are considered as a successful and effective way to present an idea. So presentations are used as a formal method for bringing people together to plan, monitor and review its progress. In everyday business presentations are becoming more frequent and more creative.

The delivery of presentation is of the almost importance. When presenting the presentation it needs to be in a well manner. Because if not deliver it in a correct manner, the exact presented idea will not send to the audience. Even thought it had been sent, the message will soon be forgotten. Not only that even a well prepared speech given to the wrong audience can have the same effect as a poorly prepared speech given to the correct audience. They both can fail terribly. In the same time the presentation of a perfect project plan is a failure if the audience do not understand or are not persuaded of its merits.

That's why as well as concerning about the presentation and the speech, we needs to more concern about the target audience. It is important to keep in mind that whole preparation and content of a speech must therefore be geared not to the speaker but to the audience. So for a better presentation we needs to have right speech to the right audience. To build a better presentation and a speed which match the audience we needs to identify the target audience.

nalysis         - Who are they? How many will be there?

nderstanding     - What is their knowledge of the subject?

emographics     - What is their age, sex, educational background?

nterest         - Why are they there? Who asked them to be there?

nvironment     - Where will I stand? Can they all see & hear me?

eeds         - What are their needs? What are your needs as the speaker?

ustomized         - What specific needs do you need to address?

xpectations     - What do they expect to learn or hear from you?

In presenting a presentation transferable skills helpful to,

Reach out to the audience better.

Motivate and inspire to undertaking the tasks which are presenting.

Improve the interaction and success rate exponentially

Captivate the listeners

Improved leaps and bounds that help in getting out of tricky situations well.

Enhances the personal touch and the actual posturing 

Face people either in person or in groups well

Mentally prepares in advance to face the volley of questions posed by the group

Dive the audience feels awe and enthralls them to listen to the presentation in rapt attention.


Below examples shows how transferable skills effect to the target audience and why those transferable skills must matched to the target audience,


Managing time

Managing time is really important. It is true that even if a presentation is great, it can be irritating for the audience if the speaker does not keep track of time.


The presenter must concentrate not only upon the facts being presented but upon the style, pace, tone and ultimately tactics which should be use. This will helpful to present the idea more trickily.


All speeches should have a definite structure or format. If the presenters don't present the thoughts into a structured manner, the audience will not be able to follow them.

Setting goals

Setting goals also really important part, when going to do a presentation. By setting goals it is really easy to meet to the target aim. This will helpful to give the exact message at the point to the audience and make the message understood and remembered.



When doing a presentation the presenter needs to be more understandable. The presentation needs to use strategies and skills according to the target audients. In the same time the speech also needs be tailored according to the audience. This reminds the quote "Think like a wise man, but communicate in the language of the people". Not only making the presentation, while presenting the presentation, the presenter needs to be more understandable. He or she needs to understand the audios ideas and comments too.


Speaking effectively & Writing concisely

Needs to have an ability to communicate orally more effectively. In the same time better writing skills. How far skilled, the facts that are presented needs to more simple to understand the audience. In the same time, the ideas which are presented needs to be fruitful, simple, well grammar and effective.

Solving problems

The problems and questions that are occurred needs to be solve. For that apply, logic or reasoning to review information, identify problems, causes, evaluate options and select the best solution. For a presenter these skills are really helpful to carry out a better presentation with his or her audience.

Take the attention

When doing a presentation it is really important to take the attention of audience. Here the skill is to take attention of audience long enough to make the point.


Self management includes goals and strategies performance, time management , balance, meeting challenges, meet work and personal commitments in all areas of your life etc. For a better presentation self management is really important form beginning to the end. Because it affect at every movement.


When doing a presentation you need to have the strengths, skills and confidence to put these across the idea to the audience.

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