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Monday, July 23, 2012

Database management system

A Database Management System (DBMS) can define as a system software package that aids the use of integrated collection of data records and files known as databases. It allows organizations to place control of database development in the hands of database administrators (DBAs) and other specialists.

As the ajor purpose of a database system we can define as to provide users with an abstract view of the data. These database management systems, generally facilitates the processes of Defining, Constructing and Manipulating of data. It also provides background services including transaction management, disaster recovery and security by defining access rights the data table level. If the user does not have access to a specific table, the particular user is not allowed to access to the particular query that uses data from that table.


When we go through the database management system we can identify different types of advantages. We can summarized the main advantages of this as follows,

  • Redundancies and inconsistencies can be reduced
  • Data is stored and accessed efficiently including the support of very large files and index structures
  • Integrity can be improved and standards can be enforced
  • Let users feel the data is accessed only by him at that time
  • Provides necessary security to protect the data stored and centralize administration


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