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Monday, July 23, 2012

Stages in Decision Making

Stages in a decision making process can simply define as follows chart, This steps are really effective pattern for making decisions and solving problems.

State the Problem

The first step of this decision making is to identify the problem. Because clear understand of the problems is really helpful when come to a particular desecition . Until have a clear understanding of the problem or decision to be made, it is meaningless to proceed. So when we concern about the Capital bank situation also we can identify the loss of customers as a main problem as well as the completion among other banks.

Identify Alternatives

Most of the time we can identify there are number of several feasible alternatives. So that's why it is really important to research and identify the alternatives. In Capital banking also before they come to an decision about online banking system 1 st they needs to identify the problem and then they needs to identify the alternatives.

Evaluate the Alternatives

Identifying the alternatives is not enough. As well as identifying the alternatives, it is really import to evaluate those alternatives. Capital banks also need to identify the alternative and evaluate it to get some idea about the new implementation

Make a decision

After evaluations will, have some good knowledge about what actually going. So it is really easy to come to an decision.

Implement decision 

We all know a decision has no value unless implement. This reminds that Great decisions are only great when they are carried into action and the action achieves the desired result. In capital bank also they needs to come to an decision and they needs to implement their decision.

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