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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ring topology

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Ring topology is a network within which all computers are connected like in a circle. So all devices are connected to one another in the shape of a closed loop, So each device is connected directly to two other devices, one on either side of it in this topology data transmission is depending on a token. In ring Network every computer or devices has two adjacent neighbors for communication in the same time all the communication messages travel in the same directory whether clockwise or anti clockwise. In this topology also any damage of the cable of any cable or device can result in the breakdown of the whole network. 

When we concern about the process of ring topology, we can identify that ring topology is used token ring networks. Each device processes and retransmits the signal, so it is capable of supporting many devices in a somewhat slow but very orderly fashion. To transfer the token or the small data packet, it continuously passed around the network.

When a device needs to transmit, it reserves the token for the next trip around and then after attaches its data packet to it. The receiving device sends back the packet with an acknowledgment of receipt. Then the sending device puts the token back out on the network.

This is how ring topology functions. This topology is easy to expand and can create much larger networks using token ring and no need of terminators for the network. But these networks performance will depend according to the number of the computer. When the number of the computer become high , performance of the network minimize. In the same time cable breaks and failure of the computer can lead as a reason for the entire network down.

While considering all these above things and by go through the ring topology we can present following advantages and disadvantages of the ring topology in point form as follows,

Advantage of Ring Topology

  • Easy to expand
  • Can create much larger network using Token Ring.
  • Every device has access to the token and the opportunity to transmit
  • No terminators required

Disadvantage of Ring Topology

  • According to the number of computers performance of the network will depend
  • If the cable break whole network will down
  • Moves, Add and Changes of devices can affect the network.
  • Much slower than an Ethernet network under normal load.
  • Failure of one computer can affect the whole network. 

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