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Thursday, July 19, 2012

why quality magment is use?

Quality management allows to increases quality of business processes and it will decrease probability of unexpected difficulties and troubles. So customers will get products or services of higher quality. Not only that by introducing quality management in the company, it will increase the customer satisfaction and improve the concordant work of all the employees.  Higher quality of production process should decrease prime cost of final product or service. It will get opportunity to provide customers with a better price. This effect should be achieved both by improving of various production processes.

In the real world we can identify most organizations are affected by software either directly or indirectly. Normally organizations developing software in-house need to have good quality management in their software processes. Other organizations that outsource the software development need to recognize competent contractors through their quality management practice.

 The software development procedures cover a number of activities within the product development lifecycle. It begins when product or application specifications are finalized, reviewed and approved. The phases of software development include software design through system integration and testing. 

Quality Management simply stated comprises of processes that ensure that the software project would reach its goals. In the same time it helps the software project to meet the clients’ expectations. As well as, it involves defining appropriate quality standards and procedures and ensuring that these are followed.

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