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Friday, July 20, 2012

Why Distributed File System (DFS) is important?

When we go through the  Distributed File System (DFS), we can identify that it provides users with convenient access to shared folders that are distributed throughout a network. So this  make files distributed across multiple servers appear to users as if they reside in one place on the network.  This file system include number of facilities such as transparent replication and fault tolerance. Here because of its transparency files accessed over the network can be treated the same as files on local disk by programs and users. Not only that the multiplicity and dispersion of servers and storage devices are thus made invisible

It is up to the network file system to locate the files and to arrange for thetransport of the data.Not only that in this system users can access information with Distributed File System (DFS)'s hierarchical view of network resources. So herer the administrators can create custom views to make file access easier for users. In the same time in this file system the users don't need to know about the physical location of files. Administrators can physically move files to other drives. But for the user the files still appear under the same location in the hierarchical tree.

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