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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Star topology

Star topology consider as the most commonly used topology in LAN of computer networking world. The idea of star topology comes from Telecommunication system.  In telephone system all telephone calls are handled by central switching station. Here all the computers in the star topologies are connected to central devices like hub, switch or router. It involves a centralized host Computer connected to several other Computer system which are usually smaller than the host.

However star network requires more devices & cables to complete the network. However failure of each node or cable in a star network won't take down the entire network. But this is a Central type of failure type network. If the main switch or the hub was gone entire network will down. Star topology is very easy to extend and modify the network. It is easy to install and manage. In the same time due to the centralization in star topology it is very easy to monitor and manage the network. So according to the star topology all wiring is done from a central point while supporting the greatest cable lengths of any topology. Also in the star topology fail of single computer will not affect the whole network.

According to the star topology procedure it prevents the passing of data packets through an excessive number of nodes. Each device is inherently isolated by the link that connects it to the central point. So this makes the isolation of individual devices straightforward and amounts to disconnecting each device from the others and in the same time increases the size of the network very easily if the network has implemented according to the stat topology because of centralization feature in the star topology. In the same time it is really easy to understand, establish and navigate. Not only that star topology has a number of concentration points. These provide easy access for service or reconfiguration of the network. However the topology is high dependence of the system on the functioning of the central hub and these topologies implementations are a little more expensive.

While considering all these above things and by go through the star topology we can present following advantages and disadvantages of the star topology in point form,

Advantages of a Star Topology

  • Better performance
  • Isolation of devices
  • Benefits from centralization
  • Simplicity
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy establish
  • Ease of service
  • No disruptions to the network when connecting or removing devices.
  • Easy to detect faults and to remove parts.


Disadvantages of a Star Topology

  • Requires more cable length than a linear topology.
  • When the main connector fails the Entire Network system will be down.
  • Expensive than other topologies

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