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Friday, July 20, 2012

what is Internet connection sharing (ICS)

Internet connection sharing (ICS) is a simple way to configure computers in network to share a single Internet connection. Especially for small networks, Internet connection sharing (ICS) offers a cost-effective way to provide Internet access to multiple computers. It follows a client/server model. It makes use of DHCP and Network address translation (NAT) and offers configuration for other standard services and some configuration of NAT.As we represent bellow the host computer connected with the Internet and that has a separate connection to the other computers on the network.

When enable Internet connection sharing (ICS) on the Internet connection. The other computers on network connect to the host compute, and from there to the Internet through the host computer's shared Internet connection. The Internet connection sharing(ICS) host computer also dynamically allocates IP addresses to the clients on the network, provides name resolution, and serves as the gateway for the other computers.

As the advantages of the internet connection sharing(ICS) we can define,
  • Share a single Internet connection  within a network
  • Cost-effective way
  •  Provide internet access to multiple computers

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